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Timez Attack - Learn Multiplication

Chase dangerous monsters, wind your way through dark tunnels - all while you learn your multiplication! Timez Attack is a first person shooter game where you use math to fight your opponents instead of weapons! 

There are a lot of computer games out there for kids of all ages. Most of those games offer nothing more than mindless activity, while other games at the very least add puzzles or other brain-teasers into the mix. However, the folks over at Big Brainz have developed an innovative new way to teach kids multiplication facts through adventure gaming.

The idea of multiplication or math games is nothing new. In fact, math games have been around for almost as long as computers have been in the home and in the school. As early as the 1990s, you could find math games on computer systems in many of the more progressive schools across the world.

Download Timez Attack

However, Big Brainz has taken the concept of math games to a whole new level with a creative game called Timez Attack. This game presents multiplication challenges to children in an environment that features rich graphics and a fascinating adventure gaming experience that will keep kids enthralled with the story, even as they are learning math along the way.

multiplication games
Starting a New Game

The first step when you install and launch the game is to create a name for that game. The program allows you to save multiple games, which is great if there are multiple children in the house that want to play it.

multiplication games
Multiplication or Division

The next step is to choose what game type you want to play. The nice thing about the Timez Attack download is that it comes packaged with both the Timez Attack (multiplication) as well as the Division Expansion pack. You can choose which operation you want the game to focus on by choosing the associated icon.

multiplication games
Finding Challenges

Finally, once the game launches, you'll find yourself in an amazing world filled with high quality computer graphics and even a soundtrack and sound effects that kids will love. The game has the look and feel of some of the most popular retail adventure games on the market for kids.

Movement of the character can take place with either the mouse or the arrow keys, and answers to the math questions throughout the game take place with the keypad.

math multiplication games
Choosing a Grade Level

After a short pre-test that lets kids quickly learn and understand how the game-play works, the next step is to choose the appropriate grade level. This allows the game to offer up age-appropriate math content that will challenge the child, but will also keep the difficulty level within the estimated range for that age group. If your child is a little advanced, it's perfectly fine to choose a higher grade level.

math multiplication games
Answering Math Questions

The majority of the game consists of locating and answering math challenges in order to open passageways and unlock secret doors or gates. In some cases the challenges start off easy, but as you advance through the levels, the difficulty of the challenges continues to increase as well.

multiplication facts
Accomplishing Missions

In some cases, kids will see actual animation take place in response to answering questions correctly. For example, in this challenge, as the child answers questions correctly, the drawbridge lowers a little bit further. Complete all of the math challenges correctly, and the drawbridge lowers so that you can cross.

multiplication facts
See Results

At the end of each level, you'll see a pop-up box that displays the success for that level. The graph shows what stage you've completed, as well as how many correct answers you had compared to the total answers. As you move through the levels you'll also see how much you've improved.

multiplication facts
Fighting With Math

Some of the math challenges are pretty exciting! At different times in the game, your character may be confronted with an opponent that he or she has to fight. You'll always see a math challenge as part of those fights. Answer the question correctly, and you score a hit. Answer wrong, and you've missed. Once you answer them all correctly, your opponent will fall to the ground, and you win!

multiplication facts
Make it to the Goal

Once you make it through the entire level, you'll discover the portal that moves you on to the next level. Every level offers even more interesting graphics, harder challenges, and exciting twists and turns on your math adventure.

BigBrains really outdid themselves with this fun math game. It's a brilliant game that not only encourages children to practice their math skills by encouraging them with a game, but it also encourages retention of those math facts through careful repetition.

Video games are fast becoming the preferred method of many parents and teachers to help foster education and learning both at home and in the classroom. The Timez Attack game is a perfect example of one of those cutting edge educational tools
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Fun Learning Games For Kids That Teachers Can Customize

Zondle is a website where teachers can go to actually create custom games that teach kids with questions and answers integrated into a game environment. 

It's not always easy for teachers to keep kids enthralled with learning these days. The world introduces so many fun and interesting distractions.

While there are some teachers that still turn away from using technology in the classroom, a large majority of educators now realize the value of bringing computers - and sometimes even computer games - into the classroom.

The real secret to success with using games in the classroom is ensuring that the core purpose of the game is to instill lessons. The only problem with even educational games is that teachers can't always determine exactly what those games are teaching the kids.

This is where a new and innovative online service called Zondle comes in. Zondle is a website where teachers can go to actually create custom games that teach kids with questions and answers integrated into a game environment.

learning games for kids
Create Your Zondle

Every Zondle user, from teacher to student, gets to customize their own Zondle character. Choose the color, eye style, hair and hat. When you're done, press start. You'll need to create an account - so kids will need a valid email address that they can use to sign up.

learning games for kids
Main Page

When you first log into your Zondle account, it can feel rather unimpressive. Most of the screen is blank, and there's just a simple search field at the top. This is actually the beauty of Zondle, because this page is a blank slate where all activity and new games will go the more you use the system.

learning games for kids
Creating a Topic

The first thing teachers will want to do is get accustomed to the "Create a Topic" feature. This is where you can type in a series of questions and answers that you want your students to learn. Zondle will do the hard work of converting those into games. You can create a game from scratch, but the fastest way to get started with Zondle as a teacher is to choose "create a topic".

learning games online
New Topic Details

To get started, just choose the name of the topic you want to create. This is basically the title of your questions. So, for example if you're putting together a 10 question game on frog biology, the topic name would be "frog biology." You can make your questions and associated games either completely public, or keep them private for just the students that you invite.

learning games online
New Topic Details

Adding a series of questions and answers is very easy and rather fun after a while. All you have to do is type the question, fill in the correct answer, and then provide three incorrect answers. The system will show students all four answers and they'll have to choose the correct one. Every time you click "save question", the question will get added to your question list. You can then proceed to add more.

learning games online
Zondle Creates Customized Games

Once you get started, the Zondle system automatically integrates your questions into as many animated online games as possible. You'll see each of those appear on the right. You can continue adding questions on this page, or you can click to play any of the games to see what your customized game looks like.

fun learning games
Zondle Games

The Zondle games are fairly basic games, but the graphics are great and some of the animation and sound effects are fun and interesting enough to hold the attention of young kids. The premise behind the games is to encourage kids to select the right answers in order to have a chance to play a little bit of an arcade-style game. Each correct answer rewards the child with another interactive segment.

For example, in this game, each time the student answers a question correctly, they have an opportunity to race a jeep across some terrain in order to collect different objects and gain points. Once time runs out, it's time for another question.

fun learning games
Zondle Arcade Games

At the main page, when you click on the dropdown icon next to your profile name, you'll see just how easy it is to create and manage a class of students and a teacher.

fun learning games
Zondle Arcade Games

The online system is tailored specifically for classroom work - so it is organized by teacher, class and friends. This makes it easy to find all of the classroom games in one place, and students will not have any problem finding the new lessons you've created.

Zondle seems to be a relatively new online site, so you may find that there isn't a huge abundance of games. However, you will find that there's enough variety to make the site very worthwhile for supplementing your classroom instruction with a level of interactivity and fun that will keep students interested and engaged.
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Cara Mereset Trial Period Norton 2010

Norton Trial Reset 2010 v1.5, dari namanya saja pasti kita sudah mempunyai gambaran tentang fungsi tool yang satu ini. Sebenarnya beberapa waktu yang lalu ada sobat blogger yang merequest antivirus Norton 2010 Plus patch/serial, namun saya sudah mencari kesana-kemari tidak menemukan juga norton 2010 plus patchnya atau serialnya, yang saya temukan ialah Norton Trial Reset 2010 v1.5, yang katanya dapat memperpanjang masa aktif Norton 2010. Jadi saya berfikir cara kerjanya dan fungsinya sama aja kaya patch.

General info:
Norton TrialReset 2010 v1.5.0 extends the trial period of Norton 2010 so there's more time to evaluate the product (362 days).

Norton TrialReset 2010 v1.5.0 is for:
- Norton AntiVirus 2010 v17.0.0.136
- Norton Internet Security 2010 v17.0.0.136
- Norton 360 v3.5.2.11 Standard/Premier Edition

Tested on WinXP (x86), Vista (x86/x64), Win7 (x86/x64).
May not work with the latest patches/updates.

Norton TrialReset 2010 v1.4BE works but some users reported a problem
with the Norton account poppin up every time.
Norton TrialReset 2010 v1.5.0 resets Norton to 362 days and no pop ups
of the Norton account.

Buat yang berminat, langsung aja di download (Didalam file download, sudah saya sediakan juga cara menggunakan tool ini)

   Norton TrialReset 2010 v1.4BE
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Cara Cepat Mengatasi Tampilan Svchost.exe No Disk – Drive Not Ready

Tips untuk mengatasi tampilan Svchost.exe No Disk – Drive Not Ready.
1. Langkah Pertama yang mesti dilakukan adalah masuk dulu ke bios
2. Kemudian masuk pada menu STANDARD CMOS SETU, pilih  3 ½ floppy
3. Nah dari menu ini anda disable aja disk drive yang ga ke pake pada 3 ½ floppy
4. Kemudian jangan lupa anda save pada settingan biosnya ok dan coba restart komputer anda
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Tips terbaik untuk menguasai Google Chrome

Inilah trik terbaru untuk membantu Anda mendapatkan hasil maksimal dari browser Google. Terbagi menjadi tiga kategori: menggunakan Incognito, powering up dengan "about:" command, dan memandu tangan Anda pada keyboard dengan daftar 30 hot keys. Saat ini anda dapat men-download Google Chrome untuk Windows, Mac, atau Linux.

Tip satu: Jaga browsing pribadi Anda dengan penyamaran.
Mode penyamaran adalah mode browsing swasta yang akan menonaktifkan pelacakan di-browser rutin seperti sejarah dan cookie. Sementara itu cocok baik untuk "porno mode", itu sebenarnya alat yang berguna untuk tingkat privasi tinggi, seperti saat melakukan online banking. Ini sangat berguna bahwa Chrome OS menggunakan penyamaran untuk account tamu yang  log-in, sehingga Anda dapat berbagi Chromebooks Anda dengan teman dan tidak perlu khawatir tentang  tab yang sengaja dihapus, misalnya.

Cara pintas keyboard untuk memulai jendela penyamaran baru Ctrl + Shift + N. Pada Windows 7, Anda dapat memulai sebuah jendela penyamaran langsung dari taskbar desktop dengan mengklik kanan pada ikon Chrome dan memilih "
New Incognito window". Anda juga dapat membuka link langsung ke penyamaran dari sesi reguler dari Chrome dengan mengklik kanan pada link dan memilih "Open link in Incognito window".

Tip two: Use the keyboard, Luke.
Hot key combinations not only improve finger strength and dexterity they also help you navigate faster. Chrome and the coming Chrome OS have an extensive list of hot keys, and the list of 30 hot keys below includes both basics and some of the more esoteric options.

Hot key combo What it does
F1 Loads the Google Chrome Help center URL
Ctrl+J View Downloads window
Ctrl+H View History window
Ctrl+D Bookmark page
Ctrl+F Opens/Closes search box
Ctrl+P Opens Print window
Ctrl+T Opens a new tab
Ctrl+W Closes current tab
Ctrl++ Zooms in
Ctrl+- Zooms out
Ctrl+0 Returns page to default size
Ctrl+Shift+T Re-opens most recently closed tab
Ctrl+N Opens a new window
Ctrl+Shift+N Opens a new Incognito window
Ctrl+Tab Cycles tabs, left to right
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Cycles tabs, right to left
Ctrl+1-8 Jumps to tab. 1 = first tab, 2 = second tab
Ctrl+9 Jumps to last tab
Ctrl+Shift+Del Opens Clear Browsing Data window
Ctrl+Shift+B Shows/Hides Bookmarks bar
Shift+Esc Opens Chrome's internal task manager
Alt+Home Opens home page in current tab
Alt+D/Ctrl+L Highlights text in location bar
Ctrl+Enter Adds www. and .com to text in URL bar
Ctrl+Shift+V Pastes from the clipboard without formatting
Shift+Alt+T Moves focus to first tool in toolbar
Tab (after Shift+Alt+T) Cycles through tools on toolbar
Space or Enter (after Shift+Alt+T) Activates selected tool
Shift+F10 (after Shift+Alt+T) Reveals context menu for selected tool
Esc (after Shift+Alt+T) Returns focus to page
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Kobo eReader Touch Edition

Kobo, one of well known gadget manufacturer just announced their new e-book reader, or e-reader for short, with touch screen feature so it’s called Kobo eReader Touch Edition. This e-reader will available in 4 choices of color, including blue, pink, black and white.

Kobo eReader comes with 6 inch E-Ink Display with Real Touch technology with 16 color monochrome, Wi-Fi support, and pre-package library which surely full of books, newspaper, and magazine. As for its capacity, Kobo eReader can save up to 1,000 books on the internal storage, but if the user felt that it’s too small, they can add another SDcard memory card.  So in total, this device can save up to 31,000 books. That surely is a huge number of books.

As mobile device, this Kobo eReader is really light, only 200 grams, which easier to carry anywhere. For you who interested to own this gadget, you can try to pre-order it on US retailer, such as Best Buy, Walmart, or Borders and Indigo with $129.99 price tag. This surely is quite expensive that the old version of Kobo reader which costs $99.99. By the way, the Kobo eReader will start shipping on July, so you’d be better order it from now.
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Driver Printer HP Deskjet D2466

Saat butuh driver untuk HP Deskjet D1466, tentu saja yang langsung dituju adalah situs resmi dari HP itu sendiri, namun sesaat setelah berusaha search di situ tersebut ternyata hasilnya nihil, entah karena server situs tersebut sedang trouble atau emang tidak tersedia.

Akhirnya mencoba beberapa alamat situs penyedia software gratisan yang banyak tersedia di internet, dan akhirnya didapat di https://h10025.www1.hp.com. Silahkan yang mau download driver HP D2466 klik link dibawah.

  Driver Printer HP Deskjet D2466 
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Quran Auto Reciter

Quran Auto Reciter menyediakan pengguna dengan sebuah program untuk mendengarkan dan membaca al-Qur'an. Berkat satu set kontrol sederhana dan suara yang sangat baik, program ini adalah alat yang hebat bagi siapa saja yang tertarik menggunakan teks klasik.

Antarmuka program ini tampak sedikit berantakan, tapi untungnya berbagai kotak, pilihan, dan media player semua mudah dipahami dan merasa intuitif. Selain itu, program ini memiliki file Help yang siap untuk digunakan, dan apa pun disorot dengan warna biru pada layar adalah satu klik jauhnya dari jendela pop-up dengan petunjuk pengguna. Mengoperasikan Quran Auto Reciter itu menyenangkan sederhana, dengan hasil yang sangat baik. Inti dari program ini adalah lima pengingat  penjadwalan doa otomatis. Menggunakan sederhana pull-down kalender, pengguna mengatur waktu untuk secara otomatis membaca waktu Subuh, Zhuhur, Ashar, Maghrib, dan Isya. 

  Quran Auto Reciter

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DKOSD - Caps-Lock Status

Anda yakin telah memasukkan sandi yang benar, namun Anda tidak dapat login. Ternyata, Caps Lock sedang menyala, Anda hanya tidak melihat LED kecil atau apa pun yang seharusnya untuk mengingatkan Anda bahwa caps lock anda sedang menyala. Atau mungkin Anda mencoba untuk mengetik baris teks namun kita secara tak sengaja menekan tombol Caps Lock pada saat Anda bermaksud mematikannya? frustrasi dengan masaah ini ...

DKOSD's zipped download includes a Vista Version that is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Vista and Windows 7. DKOSD requires Microsoft .NET Framework, but you can download it for free if you don't already have it. Since DKOSD is portable freeware, it doesn't run at start-up, so it's a good idea to save it to a spot you'll remember and can access quickly, like the desktop. We started DKOSD and pressed the Caps Lock key. A large text message in green letters flashed CAPS LOCK ON for a second or so--certainly long enough to notice--and a Windows notification sound played. We pressed the key again, and CAPS LOCK OFF flashed across our screen, accompanied by the Windows chime. The system tray icon indicates Caps Lock status visually, with "A" for on and "a" for off. It also let us turn the sound on and off as well as choose where the message should appear, in the center of the screen or along the bottom. Dual-monitor users can select a check box labeled Show in Screen 2. The About pop-up lists the program's Web site as well as basic instructions. However, DKOSD is obviously extremely easy to use, and your biggest challenge may simply be remembering to open it.

We'd like to see an option to keep the onscreen message open until the Caps Lock is turned on or off, which would help make DKOSD more flexible; for instance, as a training tool or in assisted-access situations. We also tried DKOSD in a Netbook with a small keyboard that makes the Caps Lock all too easy to hit and a small status LED that makes the error all too easy to miss. Thumb Reduction Surgery wasn't an option, but DKOSD was, and it worked, too.
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Soluto: Cashing in on Windows crashes

Soluto merupakan pengoptimasi Windows sistem yang bagus, im Download.com telah menggunakannya sejak awal. merasa hasilnya cukup bagus, kemudian mereka menwarkannya kepada publik. Tapi Soluto juga mungkin memiliki sudut yang menarik pada bisnis perangkat lunak PC utilitas.

Versi terbaru dari aplikasi Windows crash logging and advice component. Ketika Soluto sedang berjalan, dan PC Anda atau sebuah aplikasi pada PC mengalami crashes, sistem data Soluto mengumpulkan informasi seputar masalah crash tersebut dan mencoba untuk menentukan apa yang menyebabkan masalah.

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Opera Mini Web browser for iPhone

Pengalaman browsing lebih hemat. Menggunakan server yang kuat dan kompres data hingga 90% sebelum mengirimnya ke iPhone anda, sehingga halaman web terbuka seperti kilat. Opera Mini sangat mudah digunakan, dan dapat menyinkronkan data antara telepon Anda dan komputer. Beberapa fitur besar Opera Mini: Speed​​: Sampai 6 kali browsing lebih cepat, terutama pada jaringan lebih lambat atau ramai. Data Tabungan: Compress hingga 90% dari lalu lintas data. Speed ​​Dial: Dapatkan ke situs Web favorit Anda dengan sekali tekan. Tab Visual: Lihat semua membuka halaman Web dan dengan cepat beralih ke mereka. Opera Link: Sinkronisasi bookmark dan Speed ​​Dial dengan PC Desktop atau ponsel lainnya. Coba Opera Mini hari ini; itu benar-benar gratis.

  Opera Mini Web browser for iPhone
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Miro - Video HD player dan Downloader Gratis

Miro adalah video HD player dan downloader torrent gratis. Hal ini dapat memainkan hampir semua file video dan menawarkan lebih dari 6.000 acara TV internet gratis dan video podcast. Dapat berlangganan ke saluran internet video, video download, dan menonton mereka dengan layar penuh, satu demi satu, semua dalam satu aplikasi. Miro memiliki antarmuka yang sederhana yang dirancang untuk video HD fullscreen. Miro benar-benar gratis dan open source, dikembangkan oleh sebuah organisasi non-profit dan sukarelawan di seluruh dunia.

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